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​        FISHING


Fly Fishing

Is fly fishing your preferred way to fish? 

Do you love the challenge? Or connecting with nature? 

Or is it just fun? 

We have the supplies you need for the 

ultimate fly fishing adventure.

Spin Fishing

There is nothing like spin fishing. 

There is gear available for both freshwater and marine fishing with a spin rod setup.

We have the rods, reels and lures to catch the big one.

Salt Water

Even as the smallest state, 

Rhode Island has 400 miles of salt water shoreline. 

We are fully stocked with gear to catch

 your favorite salt water fish.

Fresh Water

Rhode Island has 237 fresh water ponds for you to fish. Not only do we have the ponds, 

we have over 70 varieties of fresh water fish 

waiting for you to catch!

Check out our customers success with gear and advice from Fin & Feather Outfitters

In the past month, we have restocked over 6000 freshwater flies, hundreds of saltwater flies, a full line of Orvis rods, reels and gear.

We also have a large assortment of fly lines, leaders and tippets.

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